I am an Information Technology professional with
25+ years specialized in healthcare environments.

I have extensive experience in delivery, maintenance,
training, and troubleshooting.

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Skilled in the Operating Systems
used today and yesterday.

To include Linux, Windows, OS X, HPUX, AIX, AOS/VSII, DOS

Designer of Systems
and understanding how they work.

I designed and built a marine eco-system in my livingroom.


and Digital Artist

Life as a competency test.

I believe continually pushing oneself
is the key to knowledge and success.

  • Private Pilot

    I earned my wings and the world became limitless.

  • Built Servers

    I have built my own PC's, as well as complete servers.

  • Code Breaker

    I am not a programmer, but am familiar enough with coding to create this website.

  • Listen to the Music

    Time spent listening to the contributors around me is important.

  • Open Heart

    An open heart will inherently receive more love than a closed.

  • Patriot

    I graduated H.S. in 1976. The bi-centenial year of America.

Thanks for coming.